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• £16,000
• Cost is Net
• Cost is plus VAT
• Cost is exclusive of delivery from OL9 9XE – freight costs are estimated between £500 - £1000 dependent on distance from OL9 9XE


• Train will be delivered on a 40’ curtain sider – your own fork truck will be required to lift it in to place
(this item cannot be hand balled). The whole train weighs 2100Kg. You must be able to accept artic
• Freight can be saved if you have the ability to offl oad a container with a dock leveller.
Please ask for more details.
• Delivery from Mid-August.
• FOB options available on request.

What you get:

• The train prop comes with the following:
• The engine unit and the track it sits on
• The Large carriage with 4 windows.
• The small carriage with two windows

• The train prop does not include the following:
• Smoke machines
• TVs (we can provide you with our videos for both the moving train and
coal pit for use on your own TVs)
• MDF panelling
• Speaker (we can provide you with our recording to play)

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